Those that have benefited

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Those that have benefited

Postby Doc » Wed Jun 29, 2016 9:37 pm

It amazes me to see so many against gas drilling when most have benefited from it. If your local business owner, you have benefited. If you are a land owner, you have benefited. If you go to our movie theater, you have benefited. If you or your kids go to our local library, you have benefited. If your are a local employee, more than likely you have benefited. I'm sure I could go on forever.

Please do have an arguement.
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Re: Those that have benefited

Postby SpiritTiger » Sat Jul 02, 2016 5:54 am

I often wonder if God will let the people that benefitted from fracking in the name of GREED inherit the earth later?
Why would he when they mistreated it so badly the first time? People are allowed to use certain things on the earth not rape it.

I guess sometimes people need to walk a mile in the shoes of other people to understand.
Lets go on a little walk. Not a mile, just a few feet. We have been harassed by drilling related workers,
cheated by Chesapeake, poisoned by the RADIOACTIVE chemicals used while drilling.

Do you know how I know the drillers are back in town? My son has seizures. He developed fucking seizures from fracking and he only has them
when they are actively drilling. Most likely from the air pollution during flares. Sometimes that's how I find out that they are drilling locally. My daughter developed ticks. Now my youngest has started developing ticks. Our water changed colors. It has an odd smell to it. My son never ever has seizures when they are not
active. My brothers step daughter had her first seizure a week apart from my son while they were drilling about a mile away.
She went to the emergency room. My daughter had bloody noses and once blood came out her ear. I ended up in the emergency room with heart concerns
while they were building a pad near by. It is a fact that people that live next to airports have more problems with their hearts
because of the noise pollution. Try having one dump truck drive past your house every two minutes using jake brakes. Both my wife and I
grew up here and our families never had any of these health problems. I felt like I had Alzheimer's shortly after they drilled
a well near by. I am so sick of ignorant people that think cancer just happens. The aerosols or air pollution in the air causes brain damage.
(from a Harvard article) Pa was the number one worst state for air pollution before drilling came to town. Now they just cover up the facts.
Fracking is radioactive. Radioactive. Uranium, thorium, radium 226 and radium 228. Ten mile creek in western Pa is now radioactive from it.
Waste ponds in our area have leaked into Pa waterways. Radioactive waste in our waterways.

All of the things you mentioned are directly in Tunkhannock. You can come and stay at our home for a while once drilling picks up if you want the full experience.
Have you noticed all the properties that are for sale now? People are leaving. They originally held on to their properties and hardly anyone sold in the beginning.
Now people want out. Of course not everyone will be affected the same ways. But some will get the seizures, cancer, kidney problems and liver problems.
Why is it so hard to believe that pumping radioactive chemicals into the ground in all different directions and then pulling up the waste that can be even
more radioactive might just not be so good? But people are so happy because they bought a garage or new truck which is now 6 or 8 years old. While they
are being poisoned slowly to death. How many men are on testosterone treatments now? The chemicals from fracking disrupt hormone function. It's a fact.
But people should be happy because the companies gave money locally to look good? The same money they probably stole from other landowners by creating
made up royalty fees.

I will no longer benefit from spending our money at the movie theater or go to the library. We do not work locally. If you don't care about the children
that are being poisoned then we can do without those benefits.

The companies do the damage and then leave for a while. We start to feel slightly better and then they come back and hit us again. I know people that
blindly defend fracking because they do work in the industry while their family members are falling apart with liver problems and cancer. Ignorance.

Just the tip of the iceberg. The very short version.
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