Chesapeake listed as the debtor in the non-payment suits

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Chesapeake listed as the debtor in the non-payment suits

Postby JUNIUS » Sat Dec 29, 2012 3:53 am

Remember those mechanics liens that were being filed in Bradford County last year?

You know, the ones the politicians denied really existed? 
Well, this reporter was VERY INTERESTED in seeing them. Matter of fact, after seeing the 34 mechanics liens, he was inspired to visit the Bradford County Prothonatary's office himself. There he discovered hundreds of mechanics liens filed against property owners - without their knowledge, becuase of Chesapeake not paying thier sub-contractors.

* On Nov. 2, a New Jersey construction and drilling company filed a lien against property leased by Chesapeake in Bradford County, Pa. The company, Carson & Roberts, says Chesapeake owes it $859,000.

* On Dec. 7, two New York contractors also filed liens in Bradford County. They say they are owed $1.8 million for work on a natural gas compression station there.

* And on Dec. 20, a Minnesota drilling contractor filed three liens on properties leased by Chesapeake in Bradford County. The company claims it is owed more than $725,000.

Chesapeake may have transferred the debts owed to contractors but the company is still listed as the debtor in the non-payment suits. And the liens filed for non-payment show up as claims against land owners with whom Chesapeake cut deals.


SPECIAL REPORT: Chesapeake, McClendon endure rocky year; more uncertainty ahead

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Re: Chesapeake listed as the debtor in the non-payment suits

Postby Charl » Mon Dec 31, 2012 3:40 pm

Isn't a lien notification sent to the landowner?
Doesn't it work like a construction project, the contractor and architect have a problem about quality or late payment or whatever and the construction co puts a lien on the owner's property until paid?
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