Property Taxes & Gas Prices

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Property Taxes & Gas Prices

Postby SpiritTiger » Mon Dec 07, 2015 2:21 pm

Is Pa gouging it's residents? It sometimes seems like it is assumed that Pa property owners
are all rich because they are all getting fracked. But not everyone benefits from fracking
and some that do are getting cheated with made up fees that reduce royalty payments.
Why do Pa residents pay more to live within the unhealthy radioactive zone? Especially when
the gas companies and politicians are the only ones truly benefitting from a distance.

Anchorage Alaska gasoline prices used to average 30 cents higher than the gas in our area. Alaska
has higher wages because of a higher cost of living. But who has the higher cost of living now?
Many Pa workers receive less pay for similar jobs.

Gas prices yesterday in our area.
2.29, 2.49, 2.69 and diesel is 2.55.
Gas prices in the Anchorage AK area yesterday.
2.23, 2.35, 2.45, and diesel is 2.39.

Now how about housing? Would you rather live amongst all the fracking truck traffic, pollution, etc...
here in Pa or in Florida? Comparing two 1,500,000.00 homes that both have around 160 acres.
Forkston home - $7966. taxes ... 2124128246
Florida home- $4896. taxes
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